Abandon Planet Retail Guide

Hello! We've made this page to make selling Abandon Planet as easy as possible for you! We've included official rules, demo videos, FAQs, and links to our social media presence. Also, feel free to shoot an email to Don@orangemachinegames.com for support anytime. Thanks for checking out Abandon Planet!


Abandon Planet includes the following:

88 Custom Wooden Tokens
25 Meteorite Tokens
48 Path Cards (in 8 decks)
8 Custom Plastic Rockets
1 Custom Die
1 Base Hex
12 Resource Tiles (part of a modular board.)
20 Aftermath Chevrons + 2 blanks for player creation
8 Inventory Sheets
4 Quick Reference Sheets
2 double-sided Goal Sheets
1 Rulebook
1 Extra plastic bag
1 Custom plastic insert



Praise for Abandon Planet