Questions about the Meteor Apocalypse?

Here's the FAQ, and a helpful video.



Just one symbol, so just one Item. That means you have room for 3 of each Resource, 2 Meteorites, and 3 Scrap. If you Fly Back to Base and you have more in your Loading Bay than you can fit in the Inventory, simply make an exchange. You can use any Item on your sheet for an exchange, regardless of where it is. Once done, unload those sweet Items to the matching symbols of your Inventory. 


fly out with the ally that allows most people to win. Huh?

Simpler than it seems. Let's say you have to choose between flying out with Anne or Bill. Normally you'd have to fly out with the one who has more Resources, but, lucky you, Bill can fly out with Chris who doesn't have another ready ally. So, no need to go to tie-breakers, because according to 'fly out with the Ally that allows the most people to win,' you'll fly out with Anne since doing so makes Bill & Chris clear partners. 


everyone can fly out with everyone! Who stays behind?

The rules state that:

1) go with a player that allows the most players to leave. If that's not possible, then... 

2) go with the player with more resources.

If you follow that logic to its conclusion, in a game where every player could technically fly out, the one player with the fewest Resources (if tied, fewer Meteorites; it tied, fewer Scrap) gets left behind to experience the fireworks. 


vault casino: could i technically win three times?

Nope! Complete the steps of Vault Casino in order. So: 1) Announce a Resource and roll the Item die 3 times. (This means that you complete the full action of rolling 3 times)

2) If your Item was rolled, collect it. Which means just once. We suppose it could have been rephrased to "If your Item was rolled at least once, collect it." You're right. We get it.



Takeovers: defender wins, so do they steal loading bay?

Yes! The winner of a Takeover transfers everything from the loser's Prep and Loading Bay to their own Loading Bay. So if a Prepped played (a player with a Tool in their Prep Bay) lands on you, and you play a Cannon, and they DON'T play a Shield, then you win the Takeover and you steal their Prepped Tool.