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Married with Board Games ranked their top 5 social deduction games, and, wouldn't you know it, Don's work in that list. Check out the episode and their other episodes if you want. You do you.


Gin and Tonic films talked with Don on the first episode of their web film series "Getting On Board." You can also watch the other episodes if you're into that sort of thing.


Game Crafter's official podcast, (Game Crafter) had Don on for Episode 101 to explain Social Deduction games to them.


Here's an early review for Abandon Planet from Pub Meeple that found out that the game isn't about being nice.


Don talks with Dukes of Dice on Patreon Interviews 10 about stealing all the worst parts of Go-Fish in order to teach English in Korea.


Episode 41 of Your Table's On Fire finds Don talking about starting Orange Machine Games, doing game design, and yelling silly things during gameplay.


The fantastic designer and wonderful human Randy O'Connor had Don on Episode 18 of How Was Work?


Don played a round of Abandon Planet at BGGCon and recorded it, and you can watch it! You know, if you're into that sort of thing. You don't have to, but you can... is what I'm saying. I can only get you so far.


Here's an interview with Don in Meeple Town that explains his earlier introduction to game design, his path to Korea and independent game development, and why he loves getting people to lie.