Why a Blog? Well, To Save You Time.

We're moving away from newsletters and into a weekly blog because we don't want to clutter your inbox. While newsletters remain a great way of letting people know about upcoming events, places to find us, ways to talk to us, etc. we don't know that we'll have enough to say every week to warrant inserting ourselves into your mailbox.

But there are things that we'd still love to talk with you about, and we do mean with. We would love to hear your thoughts about everything we talk about. If you like something we talk about, or dislike it, or think there's a good alternative, let us know! While we do have some expertise in board games, our knowledge is far from comprehensive. So feel free to subscribe to this blog, or to just check back in every once in a while. We'll be here. Now! On to the content...


A lot of you may not know me. My name is Bobby Reichle, and I'm the art guy. I do the art and visual design for the games here at OMG. I also handle a lot of the marketing, and I do most of the social media work! If you want to get ahold of me, my email is bobby@orangemachinegames.com, but if you'd like to talk about product concerns that relate to shipping, and broken/missing pieces, etc. hello@orangemachinegames.com is still the place to go. My background is in product design, and previously I worked on furniture design and branding before joining OMG. Comment or email if you'd like to know more about me specifically. I have a website with some stuff on it, (although it's in need of updating).

This Week's Game


I'm a fan of talking about the games I've been playing this week, and I'd like to use this week's game to further introduce myself by talking about my favorite game, Raptor.

Raptor is a head-to-head game of hand management, simultaneous action, spatial strategy, and a little social/logical deduction. The choices that you and your opponent have are known and limited, so it's like chess, but it's much more approachable, and feels much more casual. Probably because the minifigs are adorable little scientists and raptors. You start with a hand of three cards out of a deck of nine, then you choose one to play, and you either complete the action on the card, or you get to do a number of regular actions. It's that simple. The intricacy and tension comes from your choices, and boy does the tension mount towards the end of a game. Every single flip of the cards means so much, but with a little strategy, you can figure out what your opponent's plan is, and use your cards to mitigate losses, or take advantage of their play. If you haven't played it, I can't recommend it highly enough. It's worth a gander. A big, raptor-sized gander.