Orange Machine Games' second game takes you to the other side of the universe. You and a group of equally shady councilors are ready to decide the fate of planets - big ones, small ones, weird, dead, or bursting with life. Why? Because we discovered how to channel the gravity pull of the black hole and can simply toss planets into it. Persuasive enough?

Will you Settle the planets? Mine their resources? Or throw 'em into the black hole? You've got a secret agenda for each. But if anyone finds out, they can make life hard. Hide your goals, deduce theirs, and negotiate your agenda the best to become the de facto leader of the Black Hole Council. 

A 4-8 player explosively interactive game of secret agendas, negotiation, deduction and intrigue. 

8 Custom Wooden Tokens
32 Unique Planet Cards
20 Unique Agenda Cards
64 Player Cards in 8 Decks 40 Thick Money Tokens
10 Intrigue Cards
1 Sand Timer
1 Board
1 Rulebook
Custom Leader Token
1 Round Marker